World of Warcraft Classic Add-Ons: Which Ones to Grab?

World of Warcraft Classic add-ons are easily attainable compared to back in 2004. Twitch has an add on section which allows you to download certain addons for World of Warcraft, and you can do the same thing for Classic.

Simply head to Twitch, click the "Addon" section and search for World of Warcraft. You'll find a list of add ons to download, but which ones?

World of Warcraft Classic Addons: Which Ones to Grab?

LeatrixPlus Classic

The first one is rather helpful, but if you're looking for an authentic experience playing WoW, you should skip out on this one. It does, however, make streaming WoW more enjoyable. It has a ton of interface options to make the game feel more like Retail.


A rather brilliant one that allows you to see a timer for each ability's cooldown. Nothing too fancy and doesn't mess with game play. Just allows you to better time your rotation.

Weapon Swing Timer

This is as important for melee players as swinging you default weapon can be slow and hard to time with your abilities. To maximize your damage, you want to use an ability at the end of your swing, so you're not wasting time charging your swing, interrupting it to use an ability and recharging your swing. This addon will give you a timer bar for you melee attacks.

Details! Damage Meter

This is a no-brainer and one of the most popular addons in all of Warcraft. It allows you to see your total damage per engagement, so download it and learn how much damage you're putting out.

Classic Threat Meter

Threat is a vitally important portion of the game. While it's next to impossible to lose threat in retail World of Warcraft, Classic tanking is all about threat control. And for damage players, you have to control your threat or you will take threat and die during a boss fight. Use this addon to control your threat.

There are plenty of addons to download, but it's all about what experience you want. If you want a more authentic, the less addons the better. So choose wisely!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard