World War Z Screamer: How to Deal With the Screamer

World War Z's Screamer is one of the few "types" of zombies in the game. It has the usual zombie hordes that don't have any special abilities or traits and just move in giant hordes. It's not like the Left 4 Dead franchise where they have special powers, they just act in a different way and actual have different mechanics.

Screamers are pretty straight forward.

World War Z Screamer: How to Deal With the Screamer

World War Z Screamers wear a yellow construction helmet, orange vest and blue pants. If they aggro on anyone on your team, they will start screaming, which will trigger zombie hordes to appear. It's fairly simple to kill, so make sure to scout out a room and shoot the Screamer first before it can summon more zombies.

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World War Z was released April 16 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Based on the 2006 book of the same name, World War Z is set in the universe of the 2013 film adaptation and follows groups of survivors as they attempt to survive the zombie hordes in Moscow, New York, Jerusalem and Tokyo.

Photo courtesy of Saber Interactive