World War Z Server Status: How to Check

World War Z server status is absolutely crucial to playing the game. If the servers are down, many of World War Z's features become unavailable as well. Here's how to check if the servers are online or not.

World War Z Server Status: How to Check

The first step to checking World War Z server status is to head to the official World War Z Twitter account. If there is a major outage taking place, this account will likely make an official statement about it. This is also true if the servers are down while performing maintenance, which the account will always announce ahead of time.

If there's no statement on the official Twitter account, try checking out the game's subreddit or searching for it on Twitter. These hubs will likely have players reacting to the outage if one is taking place. In the absence of a functioning downtime detector, this detective work is your best bet for figuring out the server situation.

If none of these tactics turn up an answer, the problem may be on your end. Try troubleshooting your internet connection or contacting the game's support for further help.

Photo courtesy of Saber Interactive/Focus Home Interactive, MadDog Games LLC