Worries Over Caustic Nerfs Assuaged in Season 12 Early Access Gameplay

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Many players coming into the new season of Apex Legends were worried that Caustic and his ability Nox Gas Traps were going to be nerfed to the point where he would not longer be a viable Legend.

Luckily, those fears now appear unfounded, as streamers who were given early access to play Season 12 of the game found that his traps aren't as easy to destroy as some may have thought. 

Respawn had made Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps destructible, and even though that sounded like bad news to a lot of players, many failed to recognize that each trap has 150 HP, meaning that destroying his traps will be just as annoying as dealing with them.

In comparison, Wattson’s ultimate ability, the Pylon, has 150 health, making it very annoying to destroy, and considering that the traps are not even Caustic’s ultimate, the nerf likely isn’t something players should be too worried about.

Apex Legends Season 12 launches Feb. 8, bringing a new Legend and plenty of other content to the battle royale.