WoW Shadowlands' Jan. 12 Update Buffs Multiple Classes

Blizzard Press Center

WoW Shadowlands' Jan. 12 update brought buffs to multiple underperforming classes. The Frost Mage, Assassination Rogue, and Fury Warrior benefitted the most from the changes.

Both the Frost Mage and Assassination Rogue received a damage increase for their abilities, with the Frost Mage getting a 9% buff while the Assassination Rogue received an 8% buff. Meanwhile, the Fury Warrior received a similar damage buff to its abilities with a few exceptions. His Bladestorm and Dragon Roar abilities remained unchanged while the rest were given an 8% damage buff. Fury Warrior's Meat Cleaver talent also received a slight nerf, it now increases the damage of the Whirlwind spell by 25 percent, instead of 30.

WoW Shadowlands' Jan. 12 Update Buffs Multiple Classes

Other classes like the Windwalker Monk and Brewmaster Monk, as well as the Blood Death Knight received smaller buffs. Both monk classes had their damage while wielding a two-handed weapon increased by 2%, while the Blood Death Knight's Bone Shield now grants armor equal to 70% of its strength, an upgrade from the previous 50%.

These changes all come a couple of days before WoW Shadowlands' first Arena World Championship, the game's most high-profile esports tournament.

Expect more class tuning to come in the future, as Blizzard will undoubtedly introduce more changes to make sure the game is as balanced as possible in preparation for the Arena World Championship.