WoW TBC Classic: 5 Things You Need to Know

A Blood Elf and Dranei in Nagrand
A Blood Elf and Dranei in Nagrand /

WoW TBC Classic has players exploring the new world of Outland. Here's five things you need to know to prepare for your adventure into the Dark Portal.

WoW TBC Classic: 5 Things You Need to Know

Leveling in General is a More Streamlined

Leveling in World of Warcraft Classic was one of the game's main selling points: a great experience that defines much of your journey, as well as a vehicle for many players' most beloved moments. Seeing as Outland and a new level cap of 70 are a couple of the biggest things this expansion, the rate at which experience is gained must be tweaked.

From levels 20 to 60, the amount of experience required has been reduced by ~15%. Additionally, the amount of experience granted when turning in quests between levels 30 to 60 has been increased. Some quests and mobs that were once elite are regular now, making solo leveling easier in zones where this is the case.

Start Saving Gold Now for Your Flying Mount

TBC Classic flying. How to get flying TBC Classic. TBC Classic 5 things you need to know. Tips for TBC Classic. Guide
One of the Horde's flying mounts in TBC Classic / Activision Blizzard

Besides Druids who can pick up Flight Form once they reach 68, the rest of the classes must sink 900 gold for the 60% speed flying mount. Flying ensures that you will be able to travel efficiently in the harder to traverse zones like Netherstorm or Blade's Edge Mountain. Most importantly, flying is necessary for a few of the steps in your attunement process.

Flying is huge in TBC Classic, as the zones are designed with vertical exploration in mind, a stark contrast from the exclusively on-foot travel of Vanilla WoW.

Deciding Your Allegiance to the Aldor or Scryer

Once the player finds themselves in the sanctuary of Shattrath City, head to the very center of the city. Picking up the quest entitled "A'dal" leads players to a Naaru by the name of A'dal. After a tour of the city, players are to make the decision between the two factions of Shattrath. These two factions of Shattrath are the Aldors and the Scryers, lead by the newly added Dranei and Blood Elves respectively.

The players faction has no factor in the choice, as either the Aldor or Scryers will welcome you with open arms despite your allegiance to the Alliance or Horde. Each side has distinct rewards that the other side cannot obtain, and gives access to vendors that benefit some classes and specs more than others.

Back at it Again With the Content Phases

World of Wacraft The Burning Crusade Classic Phases. How many phases bc classic? Phases in Burning Crusade Classic. Phase 1
The 5 distinct phases to come for TBC Classic / Activision Blizzard and Wowhead

Just as Classic WoW split up the patch cycle of the original Vanilla World of Warcraft into six distinct phases, TBC Classic aims to do the same with five.

While the dates for each and every content phase is unknown, we can imagine that the rollout will be similar in length to Classic, if not slightly longer since one less phase is present for TBC Classic. A rough estimate of 60-90 days between each phase is fair, although even 90 days would be long for a single phase likely.

Regardless, content phases seem to make the most sense when it comes to a rerelease of a game whose player base can look up, or already knows how often content was originally released in the expansion's original release.

Don't Neglect Questing Once You Reach Level 70

Obviously you will not gain any more experience points once the level cap of 70 is reached, but this does not mean you should abandon any quests on your quest log. To make up for the loss of experience, quests reward double the gold value per quest.

Completing quests at max level can be another way to get some gold racked up for the eventual must purchase of that 900 gold flying mount.