Wraith and Lifeline were said to be receiving "gentle nerfs" on a forum post complaining about Mirage's weakness in Apex Legends.

There has been a clear cut group of champions that are played more and seem to do better in Apex Legends. The smaller hotbox champions like Wraith and Lifeline are extremely strong and both their kits are powerful.

Respawn Entertainment has noticed.

Wraith and Lifeline Apex Legends Nerfs

A Respawn Entertainment developer responded to a Mirage thread complaining about his usefulness during matches and had some quotable thoughts on a few different champions. "Wraith and Lifeline to get some gentle nerfs." This wasn't specific, but he brought those two champions up as an example of content that Apex Legends will be getting in the future.

Mirage Changes Apex Legends

That same developer explained his answer about not having anything planned for Mirage. Respawn actually did, but nothing drastic like a new ultimate.

“When I said ‘no planned changes’ I was referring to major reworks such as a new ultimate.That type of change competes directly with our ability to create new characters. The being said, in the short term, we are definitely open to tuning value level changes. Things like invisibility opaqueness, invisibility length, ability cool downs, decoy health etc. He could definitely use a little nudge upwards.”

While nothing has been flushed out or confirmed directly by Respawn for a certain date, players should expect these changes soon. Apex Legends needs

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment