Apex Legends

Wraith Destroys Unsuspecting Player with Arc Star Stick and Gravity Cannon 'Kidnap'

"I actually stuck a guy, what the hell?"
"I actually stuck a guy, what the hell?" / Image courtesy of nava94_, Respawn Entertainment

Part of what makes any battle royale, Apex Legends included, so addicting to play are those moments when you completely outplay an unsuspecting opponent.

That was exactly the case in this clip posted on the Apex Legends subreddit by u/nava94_, who not only got a pretty impressive Arc Star stick but then followed it up with a Wraith kidnap while flying on a Storm Point Gravity Cannon.

As posted by u/nava94_ on Dec. 15 with the title, "Crazy Arc stick to Portal kidnap," the 13-second clip showcases something you'd expect to see in one of Respawn Entertainment's high-octane cinematic trailers, rather than an actual game.

The clip starts with the Wraith player flying through the tropical airs with one of the map's Gravity Cannons when they spot a poor Lifeline by themself on the ground.

Next, the Wraith hits them with an Arc Star to stop them from retreating and lays down their Dimensional Rifts perfectly — with one in the sky and the other right next to the Lifeline.

Lastly, the Wraith player touches down and waits for the Lifeline to pop up in the sky before taking them out with a Wingman.

There was quite literally nothing the Lifeline could do there.

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