Wraith Nerfed in Dead by Daylight Patch 5.3

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Wraith had a rather sizable buff this past patch, giving Wraith mains something to practice. Wraith is one of the best hit-and-run killers, using their cloaked form to speed around the map and snag those first hits. It's almost impossible to avoid a Wraith initial hit unless you have comms or a perk to give you a warning like Spine Chill.

Otherwise, you're basically understanding you're going to be hit. And if you're in a dead zone, it's almost a guaranteed down. Behaviour Interactive has decided that Wraith just needs a slight nerf to keep him at a balanced power level.

Wraith has one of the longest lunges and speed boosts when uncloaking and that's what BI targeted.

Wraith Nerfed in Dead by Daylight in Patch 5.3

While the lunge is still there, the speed boost was decreased somewhat, giving players a better chance at making an escape if they're prepared.

  • Uncloaking speed boost duration reduced to 1 second (was 1.25 seconds)
  • Add-on – All Seeing: Blood: Aura reveal range decreased to 8 meters (was 12 meters)

Developer notes: Recent buffs to The Wraith have made him a wee bit overpowered, so these changes are intended to adjust two of the most obviously overpowered elements. We’ll continue monitoring how he performs, and potentially have more changes for him in the future.

With the nerf to the All-Seeing addon, this should make Wraith a little less powerful overall while maintaining what he does best.