Wrecking Ball Player Contests Point in Sneakiest Way Imaginable

Wrecking Ball has more uses than brute force
Wrecking Ball has more uses than brute force / Blizzard Entertainment

Wrecking Ball's place in the meta game may not be the most secure, but every hero has its uses. In this clip, Wrecking Ball shows one particularly inventive such use.

Reddit user u/Xotaic posted this clip of their Wrecking Ball play to the Overwatch subreddit Wednesday. In the clip, Xotaic's team is about to lose second point Hanamura to the enemy team. Using some quick thinking, Xotaic attaches their grappling hook to the ceiling above the point and simply hangs above the point contesting.

The other team is none the wiser, eliminating Xotaic's teammates but blissfully ignorant of the floating Wrecking Ball just above their heads. Xotaic hangs for what feels like ages, secretly preventing the enemies from capturing the point as the clock runs out and their teammates throw themselves on the attackers.

Finally, the defenders manage to pick up some eliminations, forcing the attackers off the point and winning the game. The defense was only possible because of Xotaic's diabolically sneaky Wrecking Ball play.