Wurmple Evolution Pokemon Go: How to, What is it?

Wurmple Evolution Pokemon Go
Wurmple Evolution Pokemon Go / Image courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Wurmple Evolution Pokemon GO follows the same candy principle as other Pokemon in the game.

Evolutions in Pokemon are a crucial aspect in the massive franchise and each individual game. Pokemon GO keeps players heavily involved in the game by making them work towards evolutions. Toward the end of last year, Pokemon GO finally got the third generation of Pokemon introduced to the game, which brought about some new Pokemon and changes.

Wurmple Evolution Pokemon Go: How to, What is it?

The introduction of the new generation allowed Wurmple to evolve into Silcoon or Cascoon. Silcoon would then evolve into Beautifly, while Cascoon would evolve into Dustox.

To evolve the bug type, you need to collect 12 Wurmple candy. After collecting 50 more Wurmple candy, Silcoon or Cascoon will then evolve. Giving your Wumple a nickname will not determine whether it evolves into Silcoon or Cascoon.

While there is no concrete evidence to show how you can evolve Wurmple into Silcoon or Cascoon, many have theorized that you can get one or the other based on the time of day.

The idea is that Cascoon can come about if evolved during the day, while Silcoon is present when the process is done at night.