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WWE 2K Fans Frustrated with Lack of Information on WWE 2K22

How we all feel waiting for WWE 2K22 news.
How we all feel waiting for WWE 2K22 news. / FAYEZ NURELDINE/GettyImages

WWE 2K22 will be the first we see of WWE wrestling games since WWE 2K20 back in 2019. The game's developers decided to skip a 2K21 release after 2K20 was heavily criticized by fans. Fans have been awaiting news on the newest installment for almost two years, and are growing frustrated with 2K.

According to the official WWE Games account on Twitter, we can expect an update on the game in January. There was an outpour of complaints about the announcement, with fans asking why they had to wait even longer for an update on the game. Patrick Gilmore, the game's Executive Producer, responded to this feedback back in August in the following tweet:

Since the tweet, nothing new has been revealed, and fans want the 2K development updates they used to receive for past games. All dev updates on WWE 2K have been officially moved to the WWE games socials, which may hint at more updates in the near future.

These are just speculations, but we'll ultimately have to stay tuned to WWE games on socials until the official updates release in January. WWE 2K22 is scheduled to release in March 2022.