WWE 2K20 Match Types Wishlist

WWE 2K20 match types are one of the biggest question marks for fans
WWE 2K20 match types are one of the biggest question marks for fans /

WWE 2K20 match types have yet to be revealed, but fans have already written their extensive wishlists. Here are a few of the match types fans want most to appear in WWE 2K20 when 2K Sports releases it Oct. 22.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: WarGames

In WarGames matches, two or three teams of three to five participants each battle in a staggered entry format. One wrestler from each team begins the match in the ring, and teammates slowly join the match. A team wins when any member of the opposing submits, surrenders, is knocked unconscious, or is pinned.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: Buried Alive

The Buried Alive match is one of the most theatrical in the WWE's history. In this match, usually involving the Undertaker, two wrestlers attempt to bury each other in a grave.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: Guest Referee

Guest Referee matches are otherwise standard matches made to stand out with the use of a special referee. Past guest referees have included celebrities such as Muhammad Ali or other wrestlers who can interfere with the match.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: Gauntlet Match

Gauntlet matches begin with two wrestlers facing off. When one eliminates the other, a new wrestler is brought into the match to replace the eliminated one. This continues through a predetermined number of wrestlers, with the last man standing crowned the winner.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: Survivor Series Match

Survivor Series is characterized by massive tag-team matches that pit teams of four or five wrestlers against one another.

WWE 2K20 Match Types: Inferno Match

The Inferno match is one of the most dangerous in WWE history. It stands as Kane's answer to the Undertaker's Buried Alive match, ending when one wrestler sets the other on fire.

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