WWE2K Battlegrounds Locker Code: Where to Find

Are there any locker coeds for WWE2K Battlegrounds?
Are there any locker coeds for WWE2K Battlegrounds? / Photo by 2K Games

WWE2K Battlegrounds Locker Code can be entered to get some in-game rewards. Here's where to find and enter Locker Codes for WWE2K Battlegrounds.

WWE2K Battlegrounds Locker Code Finder

Players have noticed there's a password feature in WWE2K Battlegrounds, but there are no passwords to enter yet. Going by other 2K games, this is where you enter codes to get bonuses for your game. These codes are given out as promotions, typically on 2K's social media channels. Typically, these codes are timed, so you'll have to act quick when you find them.

WWE2K Battlegrounds just released, so there aren't codes available now. To make locker codes work for when you find them, be sure your game is connected online. You'll get an error message otherwise.

There are some rumored codes floating around online, like ROYALRUMBLE2K20. Some users have alleged that it works, but most players who have tried reported that it doesn't. Give it a shot yourself, but don't expect much.

Keep watching WWE 2K's Twitter for any future locker codes in WWE2K Battlegrounds. You can also look out for posts on the WWE games subreddit for any codes.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is out now for PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox and Stadia.