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Xbox Game Studios Reportedly Developing Cloud-Based MMO

Xbox Game Studios may be working on gaming's first cloud-native MMO.
Xbox Game Studios may be working on gaming's first cloud-native MMO. / Photo courtesy of Xbox

Xbox Game Studios and Finnish studio Mainframe are working on a cloud-based MMO that players will be able to play on almost any device, according to a pair of insiders.

Windows Central reporter Jez Corden kicked off rumors about the project when he mentioned it on a recent episode of The Xbox Two podcast.

"I do know that Microsoft's working with a studio in Finland, or at least I've heard they're working with a studio in Finland called Mainframe on making a cloud-native game," he said on the show.

"I have no details about that. It could be tied up to one of the codenames that I do know about that I don't know the project information for, but that is what I've heard, that they are looking to make these sort of cloud-native games."

GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb corroborated Corden's comments with reporting of his own. Grubb said the game is being made under the working title Pax Dei, and that the "cloud-native" term refers to the ability to get into the game from any device.

The designers are exploring the idea of mechanics that scale according to the complexity of the device being used. Grubb used the example of small tasks such as resource gathering being possible on mobile devices, while missions or raids would be playable from PCs or consoles.

Microsoft hasn't announced the partnership as yet, but Mainframe's website does say the studio is "creating a cloud-native MMO, a vibrant world with new ways to engage and connect with our friends. It's the game of a lifetime." The studio also mentions its team taking a trip to Iceland, which it says contributed "the best design inspiration."