Xbox Holiday Restock: Best Place to Find One in December 2022


Looking to pick up an Xbox Series X|S this holiday season? Here are the best places to find one this December 2022.

Current gen consoles can be found more frequently out in the wild compared to the months following their release. That said, with Christmas fast-approaching, demand is sure to get a little higher, meaning we could once again see stocks dwindling — and fast.

Any good supplier would anticipate this, even putting up special sales and offers to cover the holiday period.

So, where are the best places to pick up an Xbox Series X|S in December 2022?

Best Places to Find Xbox Series X|S in December 2022

The following retailers also have Xbox Series X and Series S Consoles, at the time of writing:


Best Buy


Note that some of these retailers require customers to sign-in/register with the outlet before you're allowed to place an order for an Xbox Series X or Series S.