Xbox is Releasing a Mini Fridge Based on the Xbox Series S|X

Yeah, you read that title right. Happy E3!
Yeah, you read that title right. Happy E3! / Microsoft

Yeah, you read that title right. Happy E3!

Microsoft revealed they are currently developing a miniature refrigerator unit modeled after their latest next-generation console, the Xbox Series S|X, at their showcase during E3 2021. Appropriately teased with "Xbox and Chill," the company teased the system calling it a first-time addition to the franchise that "leaves others cold."

Despite the jokes, however, we sincerely doubt fans knew Microsoft would do something like this.

Xbox Mini-Fridge Details

Xbox fans know exactly where this device came from. Who knew all those jokes about the console's appliance-like appearance would bear fruit?

The fridge is modeled entirely after Xbox Series S|X, featuring its exact exterior and branding with a bright and chilly surprise waiting inside. From our estimates, the fridge stands about 36 cm tall, 13 cm wide, and 7 cm deep with the capacity to hold around five to ten 8 oz. cans. Its inside is lit with that classic, trademark Xbox green glow.

We don't have specifications on if the temperature is preset, how cold it can be set if not, and the wattage needed to keep it up and running. That information is likely to be revealed as we get closer to its "release date."

Speaking of, Xbox fans can purchase this fridge around the holiday season this year—and honestly? I'd buy it.