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Xbox Series X Fridges to Enter Production

The Xbox Series X fridge will soon be a reality, Microsoft says.
The Xbox Series X fridge will soon be a reality, Microsoft says. / Photo courtesy of Microsoft

The meme is now a reality: After several one-off mini-fridges used as promotions, Microsoft plans to produce real Xbox Series X mini-fridges.

It may sound like an April Fools joke, but Microsoft is serious. Xbox Games marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg promised fans the Xbox mini-fridge would enter production if they helped Xbox win a Twitter Marketing bracket for the best Twitter marketing campaign.

"Help @Xbox win this and we'll put into production this year REAL XBOX SERIES X MINI FRIDGES!" Greenberg wrote. "Yep, you read that right. Not an April Fools Joke. Not clickbait."

Twelve hours later, the poll closed with Xbox ahead of Skittles by 0.5% of the vote. Greenberg followed up and reiterated his promise.

"Thanks to everyone who voted, this was down to the wire and thrilling to follow. Now that @Xbox has won, we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Fridges."

Greenberg says the first fridge produced will be filled with games and sent to Skittles, but he's yet to say how many more mini fridges will be produced, when they'll be available, or how fans will be able to get their hands on one of their own.

The fridges are the culmination of more than a year of memes from the Xbox marketing team. After the initial reveal of the Xbox Series X drew comparisons to a fridge, Microsoft leaned into the joke. It quickly graduated from edited images of the console as a fridge to real, functioning Xbox Series X mini fridges used as promotional materials. Microsoft gave one away in a sweepstakes, sent one to Snoop Dogg, and partnered with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's energy drink company to give away another.