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Xbox Series X Supply to Remain Short in 2021

The Xbox Series X|S will remain in short supply in 2021.
The Xbox Series X|S will remain in short supply in 2021. / Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The Xbox Series X and S will stay hard to get in 2021, according to Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood.

Speaking on a quarterly earnings call Tuesday, Hood said "significant demand" would continue to outpace supply. Because sales largely moved to online storefronts as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consumers had to compete with bots that automatically bought as many consoles as possible. This exacerbated supply problems, and Hood expects it to continue.

"In gaming, we expect continued strong engagement on the Xbox platform and significant demand for the Xbox Series X and S that will still be constrained by supply," she said.

Despite those supply problems, the Series X and S launch accounted for the vast majority of the 51% increase in Microsoft's gaming revenue. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said revenue from gaming totaled over $5 billion because of the historic success of the new consoles.

"The launch of Xbox Series X and Series S was the most successful in our history, with the most devices ever sold in a launch month," Nadella said.

Microsoft expects retailers to continue to release small batches of new consoles to customers in 2021.