XDefiant Release Date Targeted for September-October

XDefiant will likely arrive in September or October 2023.
XDefiant will likely arrive in September or October 2023. / Ubisoft

XDefiant is a first-person arena shooter that merges Ubisoft worlds. Create a team of six in this free-to-play experience with fourteen starting maps, powerful weapons, and action-packed modes. 

There have been two beta tests for XDefiant, but we haven't heard a launch date. Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer of XDefiant, recently shared a possible time frame for the game's release. In short, XDefiant will likely arrive sometime between September and October. Here's a summary of what he said. 

XDefiant Release Date Targeted for September-October

Rubin gave an in-depth explanation for the lack of a launch date. 

The article details the submission stage of the development process for games. The whole process is time-consuming, but the submission phase is a beast. 

It involves testing the games on platforms, checking for various bugs, and ensuring players have a smooth gaming experience on all systems. The entire process takes several weeks. It could take longer if a game fails to work correctly on a platform, as developers must repeat the steps.

XDefiant didn't pass the submission phase. There are still some kinks to fix, so Ubisoft has to redo the steps before releasing the game. Therefore, it's not possible to announce an official launch date for XDefiant at this time. 

The good news is that Ubisoft has been working on fixing in-game issues for the last 3-4 weeks. Now, they're about to resubmit the game to 1st parties (gaming platforms.) If XDefiant works properly, the game could launch in September. However, Ubisoft may have to do a Day 1 patch with final fixes. In that case, the game's release date would be pushed to October.

Rubin emphasized how the company values transparency with its audience and doesn't want to release an unfinished game. Ubisoft promises to update players when they get more information.