XL Rare Candy Pokémon GO: Power Up Pokémon to Even Higher CP

Photo courtesy of Niantic

The XL rare Candy in Pokémon GO is set to be introduced to the game with the launch of the new updates to XP and Trainer leveling.

A new item that can be acquired in a multitude of ways, Candy XL will be required to power up Pokémon to even higher CP than was previously possible before.

XL Rare Candy Pokémon GO: Power Up Pokémon to Even Higher CP

Similarly to regular Candy, Candy XL will increase the max CP of Pokémon, but it's catered to those after level 40.

Found in an array of colors dependent on the Pokémon in question, there are two main ways to acquire XL candies.

The first is by simply catching Pokémon. The stronger the Pokémon, the more likely you are to find Candy XL.

The other way is by converting and combining Candies into Candy XL.

There will more ways to obtain Candy XL, however, Niantic plans to reveal those down the line.

Candy XL is one of the new features Niantic has opened up to level 40 Trainers in Australia as the level cap was increased there for early access testing on Nov. 19.

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