Call of Duty

Xqc Confronts Hacker in Warzone in Strange Interview With Stream Sniper

xQc during his play as a pro OW player
xQc during his play as a pro OW player / Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel confronted a hacker in Warzone on stream after an infamous rule-breaker proceeded to stream-snipe and hunt down the French Canadian streamer.

It’s no secret that Call of Duty’s popular Battle Royale, Warzone, has been littered with hackers for a long time with seemingly zero action from the game’s developers in order to combat the copious amounts of cheaters haunting players.

xQc wasn’t immune to these acts either as he quickly found himself being targeted by a player named “ReportMeIHack” that was also sporting an xQcOW clan tag— showing clear intentions to stream snipe the Twitch streamer. Acts like these have haunted the Twitch streamer in the past and this case was no different.

During a recent broadcast, instead of normally leaving the game and queueing back up, xQc instead decided to engage with the hacker who concurrently was watching his stream. This, in a way, led to an interview.

During the process, xQc encouraged the hacker to show him outrageous things that they could do with their cheats. He witnessed the hacker get kills through walls without even needing to look at where they were shooting.

“Is he using Magic Bullet like in Overwatch?” the former Overwatch League pro asked. “It’s a thing that makes you look like you’re hitting your shot even though you’re not hacking?”

After that, the hacker proceeded to nod up and down, showing that Lengyel was right about what was going on. 

This was only the start as the hacker proceeded to answer xQc’s questions by shooting bullets into walls to form words for him to read.