Yiga Clan Armor TOTK: How to Get

Full Yiga Clan Set
Full Yiga Clan Set / Screenshot by DBLTAP

Armor is essential to Link's arsenal in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It not only provides him with protection from enemy attacks, but can also give him various effects, like increased attack power and elemental resistance.

The game has over 30 armor sets with unique appearances and abilities. Some of the most potent include the Barbarian Armor, which increases Link's attack power, and the Phantom Armor, which significantly boosts the Hylian's defense.

The Yiga Clan set, in particular, is a huge help. Your stealth increases with each piece you equip, so enemies can't hear you clearly. You'll need the entire Yiga Clan set to maximize your stealth and disguise yourself as a Yiga Clan member.

Follow this guide to find out where to get the Yiga armor, tights, and mask. Each exact location is marked with a star.

Yiga Clan Armor TOTK: How to Get


Yiga Clan Armor Location
Yiga Clan Armor Location / Screenshot by DBLTAP

If you head to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Akkala Highlands region, you'll find the Yiga armor. It's located north of the Jochi-iu Shrine and the East Akkala Stable. Follow the nearby trail to find the building.

A few black and silver monsters will stand in your way, so be prepared, as they can pack a powerful punch. Once you get to the hideout, you'll also have to fight a few Yiga Clan members. After that, make your way inside the tower and talk to Konba. He'll thank you for rescuing him and reward you with the armor.


Yiga Clan Tights Location
Yiga Clan Tights Location / Screenshot by DBLTAP

Travel to the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch in the Great Hyrule Forest Area to get the Yiga tights. This location is harder to pinpoint, but it's directly east of the Kiuyoyou Shrine near Aldor Foothills. 

You'll encounter two Yiga Clan members. After annihilating them, look for an arrangement of square-shaped stones near the cave's center. Use the Ascend ability to enter the secret room above. Aliza, the kidnapped tailor, will be waiting with the tights. Talk to her to get them.


Yiga Clan Mask Location
Yiga Clan Mask Location / Screenshot by DBLTAP

The mask lies in a little hut north of the Faron Grasslands and south of the Forest of Spirits. Spikes surround the shack, so you'll have to glide from above to access it. I suggest using Mount Hylia and your paraglider since it's the closest high point. As usual, two Yiga Clan members will be waiting for you upon knocking on the door. Then, you'll find a mushroom-clad Pitar waiting to be rescued with the mask.