Yone League of Legends Teased as Potential New Champion?

Yone made his way into Legends of Runeterra, is his entry into League of Legends next?
Yone made his way into Legends of Runeterra, is his entry into League of Legends next? / Riot Games

Yone League of Legends is a character already in the game's lore, but it's possible he soon exists as a playable champion.

Almost since the day Yasuo's lore was released near the end of 2013, League of Legends players have been asking for Yone, Yasuo's older half-brother, to be made a new champion in the game. With the news that Yone will be featured in Riot Games new game, Legends of Runeterra, there's new hope that he will make it onto Summoners Rift before the end of Season 10. Here's everything you need to know about Yone before hitting the rift.

Yone League of Legends Release Teased?

Riot Games dropped a new video on the Dev Blog on Tuesday that also pointed toward the potential arrival of Yone on the rift. In the video, Lead Producer on the Champions Team Rian "Reav3" Mireles discussed the future of a few champions in the current game and Riot Games plan for new champions in the future.

While there are no explicit refrences to Yone, Mireles notes that the team is looking to create champions that are already present in the lore like Kai'Sa and Senna were before their release. Mireles also teased the themes of a few of the champions. One will be a jungler who will be "blossoming" onto the rift. The other will be a "familiar face" to players, according to Mireles. This line, when coupled with Mireles' statements that "some demons should remain in our past," and that the new champion "refuses to die," make a pretty strong case for the new champion being Yone.

Yone Lore and Play style

Yone is essentially everything Yasuo wasn't. Yone was repectful and coscientious with a keen sense of justice. Yone would defend Yasuo from the other children and push Yasuo during their training at their village's sword school. When Noxus invaded, Yone was sent to fight on the front lines, but Yasuo was kept at the school to protect Elder Souma, the last master of the wind technique. Yasuo, however, abandoned his post to join the fighting in a nearby village, leading to the death of Elder Souma. Yone, convinced that Yasuo must have killed Souma with the wind technique, set out to confront his brother. The two fought, with Yasuo killing his half-brother Yone in a single blow. After Yone's death, it's revealed that the death of Elder Souma was an accident but Yasuo's decision to leave his post still haunts him, because it led to the death of his brother.

The one obstacle to Yone making his way into League of Legends is that, in the lore, Yasuo kills Yone. However, this hasn't stopped Riot Games in the past from changing or adding to the lore in order to bring a champion onto the rift. Senna is a great example of that. Before her release as a champion near the end of 2019, the lore had her forever trapped in Thresh's latern. A few peices of creative storytelling could easily see Yone overcome death and return to the rift.

Most likely, his play style will be similar to most bruisers or tanks, with perhaps some kind of revive in his kit similar to what Aatrox had before his World Ender (R) was changed in 2019.