Call of Duty

YouTubers Crash Server Trying to Stop Caldera Tram

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Infamous YouTube channel DefendTheHouse is at it again. After crashing games by calling in 100 payloads, the YouTube channel is now trying to stop the tram.

While this one was different as it wasn't trying to break the server, but instead, stop the tram, the result was the same. Unlike most new maps with a train, Caldera has a tram traveling through the town, and it's unstoppable. Players cannot destroy it or stop it. Players will be killed immediately if they stand in front of it.

The test started simple. They used their own bodies. Dozens of players tried to stack in front to see if the Tram would stop with bodies stacked in front. It did not work. Next up were vehicles. Players tried all types of vehicles with the berthas doing the most. The other types of vehicles seemed to explode immediately, while the Berthas would be pushed a bit or would start to phase.

This started going on for some time, before the server finally had enough and crashed. So it seems the tram is undefeated.