Yuumi, League of Legends' New Champion, Revealed in Trailer

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Riot Games revealed the next League of Legends champion Friday with a trailer.

The trailer shows off Yuumi, the Magical Cat, as she travels from plane to plane with her magical Book of Thresholds. Once landing in-game, she uses her abilities to shield, heal and jump between her allies, giving players a preview of how she'll play when she arrives in League of Legends.

According to the YouTube description of the trailer, Yuumi is in search of her Master, an as-yet unnamed character. More details of her backstory will be revealed as she inches closer to release.

Friday's trailer follows up a teaser posted Thursday that kept Yuumi's appearance a secret. Players already had a sense of what she looked like, however, as a result of a leak posted the day before by a member of the League of Legends Partner Program.

Riot Games has yet to announce a release date for Yuumi.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games