Yuumi League of Legends New Champion Teaser Revealed

Riot Games released the first video teaser for the upcoming champion Yuumi on Thursday.

The League of Legends teaser never shows Yuumi, instead presenting a point of view shot from her perspective as she reads a book. The book in question is likely the Book of Thresholds, which is also the title of the teaser on YouTube.

In the trailer, Yuumi talks to the book, which appears to be a living creature. She mentions being in search of her master, and she and the book turn through pages of maps looking for where that master might be. The maps shift and change in front of her eyes, and when she finally finds a likely spot, she appears to fly into the book and through it.

Yuumi and her abilities leaked briefly Wednesday. Though the leak has since clamped shut, Riot Games has confirmed the champion is coming to the Public Beta Environment in the near future.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games