Yuumi win rate is a sorry sight, especially for players pulling for the new feline champion. Early analytics suggest her win rate is one of the lowest ever for a new champion in League of Legends.

According to League of Legends stats site Lolalytics, Yuumi's win rate is hovering near 30%. As of Wednesday, it sits at 30.96% with more than 30,000 games polled.

The numbers break down shows that Yuumi has marginally greater success at lower ranks such as Bronze, where her win rate reaches 36%. At Platinum and higher, she maxes out at 31.44%.

Few champions have reached so low a win rate on the day of their release, though Syndra managed to drop as low as 27% on her release date.

For reference, the most dominant champions in the current meta game are pulling win rates of around 55%.

Yuumi arrived in the game Tuesday. Riot Games has yet to announce plans for a Yuumi buff, but provided the win rate stays as low as it is, changes seem all but inevitable.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games