Zapdos 100 IV Pokemon Go: What Level Makes for a Perfect Zapdos?

Zapdos 100 IV Pokemon Go
Zapdos 100 IV Pokemon Go / Niantic

Zapdos 100 IV in Pokemon GO will now be sought after since Zapdos returned to raids. Zapdos is arguably one of the most popular Pokemon still to this day and is a member of the trio of Legendary Pokemon from the original 151 in the Kanto region.

Zapdos is adored for his electric-type and his ability to one-shot enemy Pokemon with his powerful electric and flying type moves. To make Zapdos the most powerful Pokemon, you'll want to get Zapdos with perfect IV's, so let's get into how to do that.

Zapdos 100 IV Pokemon Go: What Level Makes for a Perfect Zapdos?

Many players in Pokemon Go are obsessed with obtaining a perfect IV Pokemon in order to have the strongest version of that Pokemon. When it comes to Zapdos, having a perfect IV legendary is the ideal situation for any trainer, and here we have the IV values when compared to the Pokemon's CP.

This list should help you determine the Pokemon's IV values when encountering Zapdos. The max CP you can encounter a Zapdos at without any weather effects in 2015, so look out for the Zapdos' IV when encountering the third legendary bird Pokemon. Zapdos is available in five-star raids until Oct. 2, so utilize this opportunity to go after a Zapdos while you still can.

A perfect Zapdos is 2115 while a perfect Zapdos in boosted weather is 2645.