Zedd Valorant Skin Possibly Leaked

Photo courtesy of Riot games

Zedd is the newest celebrity to have a skin in a video game, but this time it is in a collaboration with Riot Games rather than Epic Games. Riot Games and Zedd have a long history of collaboration, as he created the theme song for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. Now, Zedd is possibly going to have his own weapon and more in Valorant.

According to a known Valorant leaker, Shiina, Zedd will have his own weapon that players will be able to use in Valorant. Shiina also leaked that the collaboration is likely more than just a weapon, and there should be Zedd-themed skins being introduced to the game as well. This information is based on looking at the text in the game files.

Zedd Valorant Skin Possibly Leaked

Not only has Zedd worked with Riot Games before, but he is also an avid fan of Valorant. He livestreams on Twitch his Valorant gameplay and is actually quite good, recently reaching Immortal. His proficiency in the game may be a factor in why Riot decided to go so far as to dedicate a weapon and skins to him in Valorant.

While this news is exciting, it is still at this stage a leak and not confirmed. It is not certain when Riot Games will decide to announce themselves the Valorant and Zedd collaboration.