Zellsis Exposes 'Game-Breaking' Anti-Flash Valorant Bug

"No wonder my flashes don't ever f—— work!"
"No wonder my flashes don't ever f—— work!" / Image courtesy of Zellsis, Riot Games

Sentinels Valorant pro Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro has exposed an in-game bug that seemingly allows players to be immune to flashes at all times.

The newly verified mastermind took to Twitter to post his findings complied during his stream Wednesday afternoon. Riot Games has since disabled the Competitive queue in order to stop players from potentially exploiting it while they fix the bug.

As demonstrated in the clip, the only thing players needed to do in order to be immune to flashes in Valorant was enable the setting "Hide User Interface In Game."

At the cost of seeing the entire HUD, the game would give players the ability to be unbothered by all flashes in the game, both from teammates and enemies.

In a live Radiant ranked lobby, Zellsis got both his own Skye and the enemy Phoenix to flash him with the setting on, which comically had no effect on him whatsoever in both cases.

"No wonder my flashes don't ever f—— work!" Zellsis said during his stream. "You got people cheating and s—!"

Obviously, this was not competition-friendly at all, to say the least, as players could turn the setting on and off as they pleased with others in the lobby having no idea.

It remains to be seen just how long this bug was in the game, as well as how long it will take Riot to fix this.

One thing is for sure though. Thank you for your service, Zellsis.

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