Zero Punctuation Sekiro Review is Actually Positive, Mostly

Photo courtesy of From Software/Activision
Photo courtesy of From Software/Activision /

Zero Punctuation Sekiro isn't as biting as the series is generally known to be, though Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's language remains as punchy as ever. Check out the review below.

Zero Punctuation Sekiro Review

Yahtzee notes at the top of the review that he's going to make a lot of comparisons to Sekiro's older brother Dark Souls, seeing as how the two remain similar despite assertions to the contrary. To keep from sounding repetitive, however, Yahtzee opts to gimmick up his review by swapping out Dark Souls' name for James Bond titles, proceeding through the releases in chronological order.

Generally, Yahtzee is positive about the game. His major gripes come in the form of differences from the Dark Souls, such as how combat is more narrowly focused on parrying than it was in that game. He's also unimpressed by the game's stealth options.

Relative to his usual acidity, however, Yahtzee is positively joyful.

Photo courtesy of From Software/Activision