Apex Legends

'Zero-Recoil' Alternator in Apex Legends Highlighted as Slept-On Gun

Credit to EA/Respawn

No Apex Legends player worth their salt will try to convince you the Alternator SMG is the best gun in the game. There are too many weapons with better time-to-kill stats, or range. But one thing the Alternator has over perhaps every single other weapon in the game is its low recoil.

That's the property user u/hahatimefor4chan highlighted in a recent post on Apex Legends subreddit.

"The Alternator is absolutely the most slept on gun in Apex. Why is a zero-recoil gun not more popular?" they asked. They also included a clip of them shredding an enemy player with the Alternator as evidence for their claim.

Commenters on the subreddit weren't exactly convinced.

"I love it because it's great at carrying all the mods I want in a R-301 before I find an R-301!" wrote one commenter. Another said the gun's close range hip fire was good, but that its accuracy fell off too much in the mid range. Others criticized the gun's low damage and fire rate.

Despite those shortcomings, the Alternator is certainly a weapon with an important niche in the Apex games.