3 Best Builds in TFT Patch 12.13

Courtesy of Riot Games

With the release of TFT Patch 12.13, there have been some shifts in the best builds in the current meta. Here are three of the top builds that will help you rank up in the current patch.


The biggest change as a result of Patch 12.13 is that Mages are once again viable. Ryze is the carry, so you'll be looking to prioritize itemizing him first with items such as Spear of Shojin and Archangel's Staff. It's important to have a strong frontline, as your success will come down to how many times Ryze is able to cast. Depending on whether Mages is contested, which given how good it is it probably will be, you can either roll down at Level Seven to three-star Ryze and maybe Sylas, or level earlier to go Seven Mages or build a bulkier frontline.

3 Best Builds in TFT Patch 12.13

Daeja Carry

The name sort of speaks for itself. Daeja got a slight buff and nerf this patch, and he is still looking roughly as strong as he did the last patch. How much you prioritize the Mirage trait will come down to what the variation is. Certain variations such as Electric Overload will help Daeja more than others. Besides Mirage units, Daeja Carry can also be played with Cavaliers to create a sturdy frontline and buff the Nunu.

Guild Xayah

Xayah is back and shows no sign of leaving. Despite receiving another slight nerf, Guild Xayah is still an extremely effective comp. If anything, it's improved given you can pivot into Six Ragewing if needed after that received a buff. Guild Xayah is also a reliable comp to learn, since it's more than likely that Mages will be toned down in a hotfix before the week is out.