3 Best Overwatch 2 Workshop Codes

Blizzard Entertainment

Workshop codes are a great way for Overwatch 2 players to spice up their game. In order to use Workshop codes, Overwatch 2 players need to first create a custom lobby game. From there they can import the code in the lobby settings. There's a treasure trove of codes available for Overwatch 2 alone.

Here are three Workshop codes you should give a try for Overwatch 2.

Genji Ball by Dawn | Code 5Y71E

This code is a great mode to practice Genji's parry ability. An explosive ball is bounced around and increases speed as more players are eliminated. It is a deadly game of hot potato with Genjis' reflecting it back and forth until one player is left standing.

Gun Game All Heroes by Hinki | Code DEVDA

With this Workshop code players can play the popular mode first introduced way back in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Since heroes cannot change guns like Call of Duty, for Gun Game in Overwatch 2 players will switch to different heroes as they eliminate more players.

Aim Trainer by Seita | Code VAXTA

This Workshop code is more for polishing skills than fun. What's nice about this code is that it lets players practice hitting moving targets between queuing up for online matches. It's certainly more useful than a static loading screen.

There are many codes that can be found for Overwatch 2 and other games on Workshop.codes. It's a great place to see some creative and talented people show off their skills.