Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Tier List

DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at launch.
DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at launch. / Activision

Our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II weapon tier list is here to break down which of the guns are the best to use as players begin to dive into the new title's multiplayer for the first time.

It's week one with Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer officially here and needless to say, players are already trying to figure out what the best guns to use are. So far, there are 51 different weapons to use, including eight assault rifles, four battle rifles, eight SMGs, four shotguns, six LMGs, six marksman rifles, four sniper rifles, five pistols, four launchers and two melee weapons. Here is a breakdown of the best weapons to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early on at launch.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Tier List

S Tier

  • Kastov-74u
  • Vaznev-9k
  • SP-X 80
  • Lachmann Sub
  • M4
  • TAQ-56
  • STB 556
  • Kastov 762
  • SA-B 50
  • SP-R 208
  • LA-B 330

Kicking things off in S-Tier are nine weapons that make up the meta thus far, either by being the most broken or most popular guns in the game at the moment. Of these nine, perhaps only the Kastov-74u is the only one in need of a nerf. At the moment, the Kastov-74u is an AR that plays like an SMG and is a two-shot kill up close. Meanwhile, the SA-B 50 and SP-R 208 have made sniping look incredibly broken so far.

A Tier

  • PDSW 528
  • EBR-14
  • Bryson 800
  • Lachmann-762
  • VEL 46
  • P890
  • Basilisk

In the A Tier are eight options that are sitting right outside of the main meta, but are still able to get the job done and allow you to be competitive. Thanks to their sheer damage, the RAAL MG and EBR-14 have emerged as early favorites for the best options in their weapon classes. Meanwhile, the P890 is an eyebrow-raising two-shot kill from close-to-medium range as a pistol, while the Basilisk brings back the Snakeshot cheese from MW 2019.

B Tier

  • FSS Hurricane
  • Lachmann-556
  • Fennec 45
  • RPK
  • FTAC Recon
  • TAQ-V
  • Minibak
  • MCPR-300
  • Signal 50

In the B Tier, these weapons are just fine but don't have anything that makes them stand out as fun or exciting options to use. A lot of these are fairly popular still but aren't as statistically sound compared to the guns above. Included here is the Lachmann-556, which might have the easiest recoil pattern to control out of all of the ARs. As such, however, its ceiling might be a bit limited when pitted in a fair 1v1 fight against the options listed above.

C Tier

  • Rapp H
  • HCR 56
  • Sakin MG38
  • 556 Icarus
  • .50 GS
  • Bryson 890
  • Expedite 12

It's early, but these nine weapons in the C Tier haven't made much noise just yet. Of course, the Bryson 800, Bryson 890 and Expedite 12 are pains to go up against for those lurking inside buildings.

D Tier

  • Kastov 545
  • M16
  • LM-S
  • Lockwood 300
  • Lockwood Mk2
  • MX9
  • SO-14
  • TAQ-M
  • X13 Auto
  • X12

Lastly, in C Tier are the 12 options that have already given players fits hours into the game's launch, or simply feel underpowered. Both the Kastov 545 and M16 are pretty much pea shooters compared to the other options in the weapon class, and could certainly use some buffs.

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