3 Legends That Counter Catalyst in Apex Legends

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Catalyst is the newest legend in Apex Legends and will be added to the game on Nov. 1. While she is not officially out, her abilities have been shown. Catalyst has been described as the ultimate counter to legends who can scan out enemy positions, like Bloodhound or Seer, leaving many players to wonder who in the roster would be a good counter to Catalyst.

While Catalyst is still not playable, there is some speculation on which legends will be able to counter her abilities. This list is highly speculative and subject to change when players officially get their hands on Catalyst, the newest legend to join Apex Legends.

Here are our top three legends that can counter Catalyst in Apex Legends.

1. Octane

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Octane is a great character to rush enemies. If Catalyst's ability to block enemy scans makes her the type of legend to play more defensively, Octane can simply counter this by rushing into Catalyst and her team and taking them by surprise, either by using his launch pad or rushing in with his tactical ability.

2. Gibraltar

Apex Legends
Photo Courtesy of Electronic Arts/Prime Gaming

Characters with some form of an ordinance, like Gibraltar or Bangalore, might prove themselves to be a perfect counter to a legend like Catalyst as they would be able to keep their distance from her more dangerous abilities while also being able to deal damage. Gibraltar would also be able to withstand heavy punishment from the enemy team, leaving his allies to deal the damage.

3. Valkyrie

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Valkyrie seems like the perfect choice to counter Catalyst as her jetpack passive would allow her to scout the enemy team out without the use of scanning like other recon characters. Pairing this with her tactical ability to rain missiles down on the enemy will make the enemy Catalyst regret picking the legend.