3 PUBG Xbox Updates That Cursed the Game

PUBG Xbox has struggled since day one, facing sluggish movement, rampant optimization problems, and a netcode even a mother would struggle to love. Developer PUBG Corp ​has worked hard to remedy these problems, but it's also stumbled badly along the way. Here are the three PUBG Xbox updates that cursed the game.

1. PUBG Xbox Patch 1


When PUBG arrived on the Xbox One for the first time, it was a barely playable mess. Fans poured onto servers regardless, desperate to try their hands at the battle royale that had the rest of the gaming world in fits.

As bad as the game was on launch, the first patch to hit live servers took it from barely playable to unplayable. Crashes became incredibly common, booting players from the game completely. PUBG Corp immediately set about solving the problem, ​and its since slowly peeled away crashes as layers from an onion. The original update stands as quintessential PUBG Corp: Fix one thing, break another.

2. Lost Connection Bug in Xbox 1.0


When PUBG Xbox finally reached 1.0, players expected the update a substantial increase in playability. What they got instead was a marginal improvement in performance coupled with a new and persistent crash. Players who tried to queue as a team of two or more frequently lost connection ​to the rest of the players in their team, kicking them back to a solo lobby.

The fix arrived weeks after the bug was first discovered, making it one of the worst bugs in PUBG Xbox history.

3. Vikendi Update Adds Flying Cars, Permeable Floors, Performance Problems


Another major update that was supposed to improve PUBG Xbox, the addition of Vikendi brought as much complaining as it did praise. While players tended to enjoy the new map and other content, they enjoyed less that cars began to fly and fall through the map. They also weren't huge fans of all the performance problems that accompanied the new additions, dropping the frame rate PUBG Corp had battled to raise over the last year.

The problems plagued the game for weeks, leading to a truly cursed PUBG Xbox.

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Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp