3 TFT Champions to Use Mage Spatula On

Courtesy of Riot Games

In TFT, the Mage Spatula allows champions to gain the Mage trait, which allows units to be able to cast twice. Here are the three best champions to give the Mage Spatula to in order to help you win.

3 TFT Champions To Use Mage Spatula On

Aurelion Sol

The combination of Aurelion Sol and Mage Spatula has been popular since before the official launch of Set 7. Aurelion Sol's Black Hole is incredibly powerful and deals large area of effect damage. Not to mention that since Aurelion Sol is also an Astral unit, you can easily three-star Nami while deciding if you want to commit to 6 Astrals or eventually pivot off Astrals for 5 or 7 Mages instead.

Ao Shin

Here's another dragon that deals an insane amount of damage with their spell, so why not have it cast twice? Running 4 Tempest and 5 Mages is fairly easy with this Legendary Dragon, allowing him to reach his devastating cast faster, make that cast hit twice as hard. On top of that, Mage Ao Shin lets you bring Ornn into a Mage comp, which gives an extremely sturdy frontline to a comp that desperately needs it.


Varus is the only non-dragon on this list, and furthermore the only non-legendary champion. Still, Varus carries the same benefit as Aurelion Sol since he's an Astral; Nami is easy to three-star. On top of that, giving Varus a Rageblade on top of the Mage Spatula lets him cast his stun much faster, which can end up nullifying annoying backline carries.