3 Things We Don't Want In Valorant Patch 3.06

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

As players get used to Valorant Patch 3.05, many are already awaiting the changes that will come in the next big update, Patch 3.06. While many are excited about potential changes to come, there are also many who are not looking forward to changes being discussed in the community. Here are three of those changes which Valorant players don't want in Patch 3.06

3 Things We Don't Want In Valorant Patch 3.06

1. Skye Nerfs

Skye has become one of the more popular agents in high-level play, but is an agent some players find annoying to play against. The developers have stated that they are having internal discussions about changing Skye, but this would be unwarranted and overall a bad change to the current meta. According to Valorbuff, Skye doesn't rank at the top of most stats, only placing in the top 5 agents when it comes to win percentage. She is not dominating the meta at all, nor is she leading to overwhelming amounts of wins when she is played. Skye is one of the most dynamic and fun initiators to play with, and her kit is incredibly good for gaining information on enemies. It would be a mistake to take her down a peg though when other characters need changes much more.

2. Jett's Continued Dominance

Jett is the mascot for Valorant, and for good reason, she is one of the most popular characters in the game, and has been on top of the meta for almost all of Valorant's lifespan. The community at large has been asking for a shake-up when it comes to the meta domination of Jett, though there is no word of when that will ever happen. High-level play almost always sees a Jett picked to play with the Operator, as no agent can utilize it as well as Jett can. Hopefully, the duelist meta can be shaken up a bit soon, but until then Jett will remain a dominant force of a character.

3. Economy Changes

Many have been asking for more economy changes for guns that see little use. The logic behind buying a Bulldog or Guardian really isn't there when the Spectre or Judge would do just as well or better. However, with the first big economy update happening recently, it really is too soon to make those changes. Players have had to get used to a whole new way of accounting for credits and how much they need to save or use in a given round, and changing things up once again could add even more confusion. Buffing or nerfing some guns should certainly be on the table, but changing the price tag attached to weapons should be left for future updates.