3 Things We Want for a Future Warzone Patch

What do we want to see in Warzone in the future?
What do we want to see in Warzone in the future? / Photo by Infinity Ward

What more can you ask for from Warzone? The game strikes a great balance of technique and fun, with rotating game modes and fresh content being added frequently. With the latest Halloween event proving to be a massive success, we've got what next on the mind. Here's what we want in a future Warzone update.

3 Things We Want for a Future Warzone Patch

Permanent Zombie Royale

It seems like every battle royale style game has the same idea when it comes to Halloween themed modes. When players die, they come back as a zombie to terrorize the surviving players. It's so ubiquitous because it's so fun, and we'd like to see it as a permanent playlist in Warzone. Zombies is a beloved mainstay of the Black Ops series, and having Zombie Royale as a twist on the mode would be a perfect fit. If any battle royale game can get away with a permanent, out of season Zombies mode, it'd be Warzone.

Console Only Crossplay

There's a couple of advantages to a console only crossplay mode. First, it puts players on a more even playing field if they're all on console, as a majority of console players will be playing on a controller. It's no secret that a mouse is the superior control method for FPS, though it'd possible to hook up a mouse and keyboard to a console as well.

A console only crossplay mode also makes it so you won't run into PC cheaters, who have been running rampant in the game recently. Xbox players have it rougher than PS4 players, as there isn't even a way to disable crossplay at all. With the large player base and next-gen home consoles set for release soon, we'd love to see Infinity Ward make a console only crossplay option.

Map Updates

With Warzone running concurrently with mainline Call of Duty releases, it will be interesting to see how Infinity Ward will handle map changes. Map changes are almost necessary to keep the game fresh, but too abrupt a change risks fracturing the player base. The Stadium and Subway are great, but we want to see something fresh while preserving what makes Verdansk so fun. Maybe a time warp to the Cold War to coincide with the new Black Ops?