3 Things We Want From Apex Legends in 2024

Here's three things we want from Apex Legends in 2024.
Here's three things we want from Apex Legends in 2024. / Respawn Entertainment

As 2023 comes to a close, we started brainstorming what three things we want from Apex Legends in 2024 to make the game even better.

After a few shaky seasons, Apex Legends is ending the year on a high. A Post Malone collaboration, Loba Prestige skin, and new Legend, Conduit, are just three additions in Season 19 that propelled the Battle Royale to new heights. Plus, the developers finally introduced cross-progression, a feature fans have wanted for years.

To keep the momentum going, check out what else we want to see from Apex Legends in 2024.

3 Things We Want From Apex Legends in 2024

1. More LTMs

After the success of Three Strikes in Apex Legends Season 19, it goes without saying that more fun, unpredictable LTMs would be great additions to the game in 2024. The modes give fans a casual option as opposed to loading into a sweaty Battle Royale match.

In fact, why not just bring back Three Strikes? Of all the LTMs that release in Apex Legends Collection Events, none in recent months have been nearly as successful and addicting as the respawn mode.

2. Catalyst Heirloom

Of all the Legends that still do not have an Heirloom, Catalyst deserves the next one in 2024. The fan-favorite Legend is consistently in the top 10-15 Legends in pick rates each month, and giving her an Heirloom will only increase her popularity.

Although plenty have speculated what her Heirloom could be, a ritual blade with tarot card animations seems the most likely for her character and backstory.

3. Solos Battle Royale

Apex Legends might be designed for Trios, but a Solos Battle Royale queue would be a welcomed addition to the game. Sometimes you want to grind but your teammates are unavailable, and we all know how unappealing fills can be, especially in Ranked.

Even if Solos came as a LTM in 2024 for Respawn Entertainment to test out, it would still be better than nothing.