3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.06

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the recent launch of Valorant Patch 3.05, players have already started clamoring for changes to their favorite characters or weapons ahead of the eventual Patch 3.06. Riot Games has a lot of options when it comes to possible changes they can make, but here are three changes many players would like to see when Patch 3.06 launches.

3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.06

1. Omen Buff

Omen was one of the must-pick characters at higher levels of Valorant for a long time. However when Astra launched, this all changed. Astra and Omen became interchangeable based on map or player preference. That is, until the economy update. This update really brought Omen down a peg, much harsher than most thought was necessary. With his kit becoming more expensive and less accessible as well as getting overall nerfs to smokes, he has become obsolete next to Astra and Viper. His teleport doesn't work as well as it should either, with some ledges simply not allowing for teleportation. Among bug fixes like with his teleport, making this fan-favorite character competitive with other controllers once again would be a welcomed change.

2. Yoru Buff

Yoru has been the worst character in Valorant ever since he was released. This character can be fun as a gimmick in certain situations, but there is no real reason to pick him in any given circumstance over other duelists. The developers have stated they are already working on changes to Yoru, but those were pushed back a few updates ago. There is no timetable on when the buffs to Yoru may come and they are very much needed to make the character even somewhat playable at higher ranks.

3. Map Pick System

With Fracture, Valorant's seventh map, entering the full rotation in the next few weeks, players have been clamoring for a map picking system of some kind where they won't have to randomly be placed into a map they may not like. This makes a lot of sense, as there is a large community that dislikes some of the newer maps such as Breeze. This could have practical use as well, as it would allow the developers which maps are being played the most or played the least and can make changes to maps with very low pick rates. This has been a feature in CS:GO, a main competitor of Valorant, for years, and with seven maps now in the game it might be time to finally enable players to pick and choose to play the maps they enjoy.