3 Ways to Excel in the Final Chapter of an Overwatch Match

Playing in the latter half of an Overwatch match is stressful and much more difficult compared to the opening moments. Players are warmed up and hitting shots, heroes are sitting on their ultimates, and players are a bit more focused on the actual objective.

The game itself will differ on the level of competition, but overall, ending the match is going to be a battle. Here are three ways to excel in the final chapter of an Overwatch match.

3. Stay in Position

It’s imperative that you don’t give up ground. In the late game, you either have control of the objective or you’re on the outside looking in, but you still want map control. Make sure the team is aware of each other’s locations and move as one unit. With the end of GOATs and the introducton of the 2-2-2 roster lock, you can’t just be a ball of destruction. Players will be more spread out, holding different choke points. Just make sure you know where those choke points are.

2. Communicate

It doesn't matter how obvious this looks, communication will make or break match points. If you’re with your usual crew, you should already be on party chat, but if you’re with randoms, swallow your pride and hop into the game chat. The better the communication, the better the chance at victory. You need to call out enemy movements, kills you landed or even planned ultimate attacks. Competitive matches have a tendency for lone wolves, so look to capitalize on catching enemies out of position and yell at your own to stay in line.

1. Know Your Weaknesses

Being realistic about your team composition and skill the best solution to winning a fight. If you have DPS players missing shots, stay together more. If your composition doesn’t stack up against the opponents, look to make a change once you win a team fight or you lose one. If they have powerful ultimate compositions, make sure not to stack on one another. If you’re always looking out for possible engagements, you’ll be sure to take a favorable one.

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Photo courtesy of Blizzard