37 Kill World Record Set in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

A talented Apex Legends player by the name of Lymo has set a new world record for the number of kills in a Solo vs. Squads game with an impressive 37 kills being dropped over the course of the game.

With no help from teammates, Lymo managed to secure the game completely solo against squads of three people, ending the game at 37 kills and 8449 damage on the map Broken Moon using the ever-popular gravity manipulator, Horizon.

While the previous world record was set by a player going by the name Mendo with 36 kills, Lymo managed to snag the world record by one more kill, shown here in uncut gameplay.

Throughout the legendary run, Lymo used a variety of weapons like the CAR SMG, Mastiff, and R-301 Carbine to secure his world record over the course of the 22 minute game. While playing aggressively to ensure he gets his kills, Lymo also had to be strategic enough to make sure he wasn't taken out early as he came into every fight at a disadvantage due to being a solo player in a lobby of full squads.

While impressive that Lymo managed to break the world record, it was thanks to his smart plays and expert movement and positioning that helped him break it and it is easy to assume that this record will remain unbroken for quite some time.