5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.06

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

The newest patch for Valorant, Patch 3.06, has brought quite a bit of important change to the meta of playable agents.

With the nerfs to Jett and Skye along with KAY/O's buff, there will be some shake up in the hierarchy for the 17 agents in Valorant. Here are the five best Agents after Valorant Patch 3.06.

5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.06

5. Jett

Jett's nerf in this new patch has definitely seen her take a dive in terms of strength, but there is one thing keeping her in this top five. Her ability to utilize the Operator to a higher level than any other character in the game has not been taken away from her. The Operator is not overwhelmingly strong in any other agents hands, but with a capable Jett it is still one of the most dangerous items in the game.

4. Viper

Viper has the ability to control bombsites like no other agent. Having a strong kit with her wall and smoke, both of which damage enemies, as well as a ultimate that makes most opposing players start to immediately save for the next round, Viper is incredibly dangerous. Her Snakebite grenades also enable her to play offsite for an easy win on offense once the bomb has been planted. Viper has playability on every map, and with Jett players having to rely on the Operator heavier now, her wall is even more important.

3. Skye

While Skye was nerfed in this patch, the changes made to her kit didn't impact her enough to move her too far down this list. She is no longer a must pick in every situation, but she is definitely the best non-Sova initiator in the game, and her kit is still the best at info gathering bar none. Her flash nerf has removed the ability for her to be a borderline duelist, but that doesn't mean that Skye players can't use her flashes the same way they used to. While slightly less effective, Skye still holds the same role as she did pre-patch, just not as overly oppressive as she used to.

2. Astra

Astra has been at the top of the controller category since her addition to Valorant. Astra has become the must pick at the controller spot. Her ability to use so much utility on a round-to-round basis, and the way she can impact post-plants with her Gravity Well and her stun is incredibly useful. Her ultimate ability can, when used by those who understand it, completely change a round in a way few abilities can as well.

1. Sova

Sova, post Jett nerf, is the clear number one Agent in Valorant. The combination of information gathering and prevention he provides on both offense and defense makes him the top dog. While on Split his value does see a bit of a dip, he is a must-pick everywhere else. His recon dart is one of, if not the best free ability in the game, and his ultimate can simply win rounds without much effort on Sova's part.