5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.07

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant Patch 3.07 has just dropped, and the next Act for Valorant is right around the corner. As the competitive mode will soon reset ranks, players are going to want to drop back in with the best possible Agents. To help make that decision a little bit easier, here are the five best Agents in Valorant after the most recent patch.

5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.07

5. Skye

Skye used to be up much higher on this list, but after recent changes she has found herself at the tail end of the top five. Her recent nerf making the weapon up-time longer post-flash has definitely impacted her dominance in the meta, but not in a way that makes her less necessary in most teams. While no longer able to act as a duelist and play off her own flashes as well, she can still set up her teammates easily for kills. Her abilities also are some of the best when it comes to gathering information, and that doesn't even mention her heal ability which when used to its maximum can heal for 400 total health across all teammates.

4. Viper

Viper got a bit of a nerf/bug fix in this patch, taking her "swoop peak" out of the game. This mechanic allowed for an unfair advantage for Viper players when they dismiss their smoke. With this mechanic out of the game, Viper finds herself a bit lower on the totem poll than Astra. Viper is still one of the most dominating forces in the game.

3. Astra

Astra is the best controller in the game simply because of her ability flexibility. To have the opportunity to use five stars each round, each with the ability to change the outcome of those rounds is ridiculous. Her range as a defensive character allows for her to position herself anywhere and be useful. She can completely lock down a site and post-plant spots for her team. She is one of the most versatile characters in the game and on any given map she or Viper will be must picks.

2. Jett

To the frustration of many, Jett is still sitting near the top. Simply put, no Jett nerfs will be effective enough to remove her from the meta until she can be separated from the Operator. She is able to utilize one of the game's most impactful weapons like no other character. The nerf to her right-click was somewhat significant, but top players will still find use in just the left-click, and with her dash ability still intact, Jett will continue to dominant all aspects of Valorant until further notice.

1. Sova

Sova has been at the top of Valorant for a long time now, and that has not stopped, especially with the introduction of Fracture. Fracture lends itself to Sova's kit with long corridors and a overall large map where Recon Darts can reveal entire teams when placed correctly. Sova gives information to his team like no other agent, and with his ultimate and Shock Darts can win post-plants by himself. Until something drastic changes in other Agents, or Sova himself is nerfed, he will continue to be on top of Valorant.