5 Best Agents to Pair With Gekko in Valorant

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Valorant released a new agent alongside the Grand Finals of LOCK//IN 2023. The new agent's name is Gekko, and he will be the 22nd agent released in the game.

Gekko will be the sixth initiator in the game, and he is unique because he utilizes pets for all of his abilities. Additionally, he can plant or defuse the spike by using one of the abilities to send a pet toward the bomb site, which is a completely new mechanic to the game. Gekko can also reuse all of his abilities by picking the pets back up after using them, even his ultimate ability.

With Gekko releasing soon, here are the best five agents to pair with him.

5 Best Agents to Pair With Gekko in Valorant

1. Jett - With the high amount of utility from Gekko's kit, Jett feels like the perfect Duelist to pair with him. Gekko has blinds, concusses, and even detains. Jett can quickly follow up on the disadvantaged enemy with her dash, and she can get a couple of quick kills to help her team reach the bomb site.

2. Yoru - Another Duelist that seems like a logical pair with Gekko. Yoru has additional blinds to disorient the enemy immensely, and he can also teleport onto the bomb site when Gekko is using all of his utility. This will make the enemy unaware of Yoru's whereabouts and allow him to pull off incredible flanks from his teleport.

3. Omen- This is another character that can disorient the enemy via his ultimate, which allows him to teleport anywhere on the map. Furthermore, Omen can smoke somewhere within his line of sight and teleport into his smoke as Gekko concusses and blinds the enemy. This will make it difficult to spot the Omen and allow him to get a couple of picks onto the enemy team.

4. Killjoy - Gekko can send one of his abilities to plant and defuse the spike, which means that Killjoy can easily set her utility on the bomb without the risk of dying while planting the spike. Killjoy relies on getting her bombs on top of the spike, so the enemy team cannot defuse it easily. By sending his ability to plant the bomb for the team, no one has to risk dying and Killjoy can set her traps much easier. Additionally, Killjoy's ultimate can detain enemies alongside the Gekko ultimate, which can prove to be a deadly combination.

5. Breach - He is one of the most annoying initiators to deal with in Valorant, as he can blind and concuss the enemy. Gekko can combine his concusses and blinds with Breach to make the game extremely difficult to play for their foes. Instead of using their utility at the same time, if Breach and Gekko can layer it properly, they can have the enemy blinded for five seconds to get an easy kill.