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5 Best Apex Legends Seasons of All Time

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Apex Legends has seen a resurgence in the gaming community. With Warzone in a state of turmoil, the masses looked for a new game to play, and Apex was there to step up to the plate. As new players step into the Arena, many long-time players find themselves reminiscing on the best seasons the game had to offer. These are the top five Apex Legends seasons of all time.

5 Best Apex Legends Seasons of All Time

5. Season 10

This season, the current one in Apex, is here less for gameplay and quality of the game, but more for what it has meant to the outlook of the game. This newest season has seen the highest player counts for Apex in years, and has given the crew a real jumping-off point to have a huge future as a staple in the gaming community. For the implications this season may have on the long-term success of Apex Legends, it felt important to include this period of time on this list. Millions of new gamers flowing in and discovering the legends long-time players know and love is only a good thing for the lifespan of Apex.

4. Season 1

Going far back into the past, Season 1 of Apex Legends has a very special place in many players' hearts. This season was the first to introduce the battle pass, a feature that would become a staple in gaming across the industry after first showing up in Fortnite. This also marked the first time a new Legend got introduced in the form of Octane. This tradition of bringing in more characters would give Apex players some of their favorite members of the cast of Legends, and it all started with adding Octane in Season 1. It was also when Gibraltar and Pathfinder started to work their way into the meta with better hitboxes, which allowed for the two now fan-favorite characters to start making their mark.

3. Season 0

Season 0 was the beginning for Apex Legends. This season is where the game really got its start and built off from. It let Respawn make the mistakes they needed to in terms of game balance for them to learn how to build a better game in the long run and it did wonders. Many long-time players look back to this time in the game's lifespan as when they truly fell in love with it, and that it really gives a sense of nostalgia for them. This season is beloved by almost all long-time players, and it would be a tragedy to leave it off this list.

2. Season 5

Season 5 saw a lot of balance changes to maps in specific, biggest of all the removal of Skull Town from King's Canyon and overhauling the map in general. This was a huge change and really allowed for more replay value on the game's first map. Pathfinder was also very dominant at this point in time, and he was brought back to balanced in this season. A huge addition to this season was a reconnect feature, which allowed players to come back after a crash. With the well-documented server issues Apex suffers from even now, this was a major need and a great add. Loba was also added in this season, and she has become a fan favorite Legend.

1. Season 3

Season 3 is when Apex really started to see some big additions in terms of content, and none were more important for the game than the addition of the first new map to enter Apex Legends, World's Edge. Having an entirely new area to play in, led to a lot of excitement around the game, skyrocketing player numbers for Apex. There were a lot of new changes that really spiced up Apex after an uneventful two season's worth of new content. From the new map to the introduction of Crypto, Season 3 handled a lot of new content and it did so extremely well. Many call this season the best Apex has ever seen and for good reason.