5 Best Black Ops Cold War Weapons to Max Out for Warzone

Here are five Black Ops Cold War weapons players should consider leveling out ahead of Warzone integration on Dec. 10.
Here are five Black Ops Cold War weapons players should consider leveling out ahead of Warzone integration on Dec. 10. / Photo courtesy of Activision

On Dec. 10, everything changes as Call of Duty: Warzone's weapon arsenal will be the largest its ever been. Not only will advanced weaponry from Modern Warfare be able to be used in Verdansk, but Black Ops Cold War weaponry from the 1980s as well.

When it comes to Warzone, the recipe for custom loadout guns has remained relatively consistent throughout its lifespan—fast firing, extremely accurate, and fantastic range.

Ahead of Warzone integration, here are the top five Black Ops Cold War guns we expect to be elite in Verdansk off rip.

1. AK-47

It's only right to start off this list with arguably the best gun in Black Ops Cold War at the moment. The AK-47 has taken over the Cold War meta since the 1.06 patch, making this weapon a breeze to grind out in multiplayer. Unlike its Modern Warfare predecessor, Cold War's AK-47 presents virtually no recoil while also checking all the boxes in damage and range.

2. Krig 6

The other Black Ops Cold War assault rifle that should fit right into the Warzone meta is the Krig 6. This weapon rivals the AK-47 in Cold War, offering a package of laser-pointer accuracy and stable handling that should go toe-to-toe with the Kilo 141 right at the launch of Season 1.

3. MP5

No matter the era, no matter the game, the MP5 is unstoppable in Call of Duty. Despite its recent nerfs, the MP5 has been an absolute demon in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. While its Modern Warfare counterpart will remain deeply entrenched in the loadouts of Warzone players, expect Verdansk to be big enough for the two of them to do damage up close.

4. M16

While Black Ops Cold War won't have a shotgun that can compete with the R9-0 and the JAK-12, it will make its game-breaking mark in Verdansk with the M16. With its punishing bursts, blazing fire rate, and limitless range, the M16 is primed to enter the Warzone meta in a way the FR 5.56 never could.

5. LW3 - Tundra

The LW3 - Tundra has been every rusher's nightmare in Cold War multiplayer, and should hold its own in Verdansk. With its extremely high damage output and swift handling perfect for quick scoping, the LW3 - Tundra will be racking up the downs in Warzone upon integration.

For those looking to stay up to date on the current state of the meta in Verdansk, feel free to check out our Warzone December tier lists for assault rifles and SMGs.